Destinations Orebić, Dalmacija
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    Discover the enchanting pristine nature on Pelješac peninsula and visit the famous town of sailors and captains, Orebić. Hike to St Ilija’s peak to admire the extraordinary view of the peninsula with its vineyards and olive groves, as well as the island of Korčula in the distance. Go surfing in the channel or simply enjoy the many wonderful beaches of Pelješac. For a complete holiday experience, taste traditional Dalmatian specialties with a famous Pelješac wine.

    The Pelješac Peninsula

    Peninsula Pelješac Dalmacija
    If you want a holiday far from the hustle and bustle, in the safe surroundings of enchanting nature and near the most beautiful Croatian beaches - discover Pelješac.


    Destinations Orebić Dalmacija
    Orebić lies on the southwest of the Pelješac Peninsula, below Sv. Ilija hill, and it faces the green island of Korčula, just a 15-minute boat ride away.

    The History of Orebić

    History Orebić Dalmacija
    In 1584, Orebić was named after the Orebić family of sea captains who renovated the old castle and laid the foundations of the town.

    Culture in Orebić

    Culture Orebić Dalmacija
    Korčula’s culture lives on in its traditional brotherhoods and sword dances, as well as in the melodies of klapa folk singing, which has earned a place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

    Activities in Orebić

    Activities Orebić Dalmacija
    You’ve certainly heard that Pelješac is Croatia’s top surfing destination. Thanks to the mistral, you can have endless fun doing windsports.

    Weather on Orebić

    Weather Orebić Dalmacija
    You will find safe harbour in Orebić in the dry, warm summers and mild winters. Find out why it’s so wonderful to live in a Mediterranean climate!

    The Cuisine of Orebić and Pelješac

    Aminess Gastro Dalmacija
    Even if you aren’t a wine lover, you will be intrigued by the story of the Plavac Mali varietal from the southern slopes of Pelješac, told by hardworking winemakers.

    Events in Orebić

    Events Orebić Dalmacija
    If you choose Orebić and Pelješac for a holiday in Croatia during the warmer part of the year, in addition to the fantastic accommodation, you’ll get a package of events to occupy your body and soul.

    Beaches in Orebić and on Pelješac

    Beaches Dalmacija
    Pelješac is well-known for its pristine nature and its coast lined with sandy and pebble beaches. Far from roads and traffic, and yet easily accessible by car. Discover your favourite among the top 9!

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