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    Visit one of Croatia’s largest islands, Korčula, and discover its beautiful scenery and rich cultural historical heritage. Wander the streets of ancient Korčula town where time seems to have stopped or look for romance in a typical Dalmatian village such as Brna. Hike and cycle to learn more about the amazing island, dive to get to know the fascinating underwater world around Korčula and enjoy traditional events such as sword dances for a memorable holiday.

    The Island of Korčula

    Island of Korčula, Dalmatia Croatia
    Korčula is the 6th largest Croatian island, and its seductive beauty makes it one of the top island destinations in the Mediterranean.

    The Town of Korčula

    Island of Korčula, Dalmatia Croatia
    Carved in stone and surrounded by thick pine forest, the town of Korčula is a favourite destination of discerning travellers.

    Events on Korčula

    Events Island of Korčula
    Choose Korčula for your next holiday and you will experience spectacular events, many of which are still held only on this magical Mediterranean island.

    Korčula’s Cuisine

    Gastro Island of Korčula
    If it’s true that the way to the heart is through the stomach, Korčula is a gourmet destination that you will fall in love with at first taste.

    Beaches on Korčula

    Beaches Island of Korčula
    Korčula is surrounded by crystal clear sea, and its 182km of coastline holds 96 bays with hidden or easy-to-find beaches. We’ve discovered them for you.

    The History of Korčula

    The town is intelligently laid out in a fishbone pattern: the angle of the eastern streets protect it from Bora, while the positioning of the western streets leave it open to the cool mistral.

    Culture on Korčula

    Culture Island of Korčula
    Korčula’s culture lives on in its traditional brotherhoods and sword dances, as well as in the melodies of klapa folk singing, which has earned a place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

    Activities on Korčula

    Activities Island of Korčula
    The island of Korčula is surrounded by crystal waters and 182km of coastline with countless beautiful beaches. If you still want more, you can explore the 48 islets off Korčula’s coast.

    Weather on Korčula

    Weather Island of Korčula
    If you spend your winters dreaming about warm Mediterranean islands, you’ll find your place under the sun on Korčula.

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