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    Cuisine in Istria and Novigrad
    Novigrad cuisine: 4 seasons of delicacies

    If you're looking for another reason to visit Novigrad, you'll find it in the gourmet food served by your warm and friendly hosts.

    From spring with wild asparagus to summer and delicious seafood. From warm autumn with mushrooms to brisk winter with squid. Your journey through Istrian cuisine will be equally appealing in any season. Try prosciutto, fresh fish, Novigrad's famous Mediterranean scallops, truffles, and fuži pasta in delicious sauce, pair them with fine Istrian Malvasia or Teran wines, and top it off with local olive oil. Let the feast begin!

    Top 5 gourmet experiences in Novigrad

    • wild asparagus, Mediterranean scallops, Adriatic seafood, and specialties of Istrian cuisine at Gnam Gnam Fest gourmet festival
    • delicious sole at Sole Days
    • Malvasia and Teran on the wine trails and delicious extra virgin olive oil on the olive oil trails
    • homemade fuži, gnocchi, or pljukanci pasta with sauce in local taverns
    • truffles and boškarin beef specialties in the newly-renovated à la carte restaurant “Oliveto” at the Aminess Maestral Hotel

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