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    Top Experiences on a Holiday in a Mobile Home in Istria

    10 Must-Do’s on Your Holiday in a Mobile Home in Istria | Aminess Blog


    Entrust your holiday to Aminess for pure relaxation in nature! Check out the selection of must-do’s while staying in a mobile home in Istria.

    Following the Wine Roads on Pelješac Peninsula

    Wine tasting Pelješac | Aminess Blog


    Get to know the empire of amazing wine - Pelješac! Check out your options and travel the peninsula to try amazing wines for a unique holiday experience.

    Top Events in Novigrad in Late Summer of 2019

    Novigrad Events | Aminess Blog


    It’s music, dance, art, delicious food, it’s excellent fun out on the streets of Novigrad! Check out the highlights of late summer and have a great time.


    Discover the Most Popular Places on the Island of Korčula

    Korčula | Aminess Blog


    Learn more about the fascinating stories behind the top places on Korčula island, about tradition and the way of life on this attractive Adriatic island.

    Unforgettable Family Moments at Istralandia Water Park

    Istralandia | Aminess blog


    Splash ‘n’ slide for the ultimate water fun at Istralandia! Get ready for a day trip to the theme park near Novigrad and have a great family time! 

    Choose a Romantic Getaway on Pelješac Peninsula in 2019

    Romantic break - Aminess Blog


    Seal it with romance in southern Dalmatia! Have a great romantic break in 2019 on Pelješac peninsula and check out what the two of you can look forward to.


    Hot Deals for a Summer Holiday 2019 in Istria or Dalmatia

    Hot Deals for a Summer Holiday 2019 in Istria or Dalmatia | Aminess Blog


    Strike it while it’s hot! Don’t waste another minute, use Aminess’ special offers to ensure unforgettable summer experience in 2019. Get your hot deal now!

    What Makes Korčula a Top Destination in 2019


    Find out what makes Korčula a lovely piece of paradise and a top destination in 2019! Discover how this Dalmatian island stands out for a dream holiday. 

    Get Ready for an Active June in Maestral Hotel, Novigrad

    Active Holiday | Aminess Blog


    Find your perfect destination for an active holiday at Aminess Maestral Hotel****. Take your time off work in June and have a great time in Istria now!


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