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    5 Reasons to Visit Korčula in Summer 2019

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    Beautiful and exciting. Pristine and peaceful. Traditional and original. The island of Korčula truly has it all. It isn’t only the sixth largest out of more than a thousand Adriatic islands, but it also tops the lists of the best holiday destinations in 2019. Here’s why: 

    1. Breathtaking landscape

    Take in the mesmerizing beauty of the island! Known for its thick Mediterranean vegetation since the Antiquity, the island boasts lush greenery perfectly complemented by endless shades of brilliant blue sea. It’s the perfect spot to rest and recharge, the ideal place to truly enjoy peace and quiet. 

    2. Treasure chest of culture and history

    Be inspired by Marco Polo, become an explorer even if only for a few days of your holiday! Home to the famous world traveller Marco Polo, the fortified town of Korčula is a spectacular sight to see from a ferry, while its centuries-old historical core breathes life into history lessons. So, let your curiosity lead the way through the ancient streets of Korčula town and beyond. For example, on the other side of the island follow the traces of prehistory in Vela spila cave near Vela Luka, a town in which you can also visit a museum displaying the archaeological exhibits found at the site.

    3. Unique tradition

    Unsheathe and… dance! The island is famous for its traditional swords dances, moreška, kumpanija and moštra, dating back several centuries. Performed on special occasions and each telling a unique story, these swords dances are an absolute must see on Korčula. 

    If you are also wondering about what life on the island must have been like over the centuries, visit the ethnographic collection Barilo in Blato and get an insight into customs and challenges of islanders’ everyday life.

    4. Just the right beach

    Prefer to lounge by the sea with some privacy or love the buzz of a busy beach? No matter which beach you choose along almost 200 km of its jagged coast, the island takes your breath away with crystal clear sea. So, enjoy the sun and the sea with your partner just a few steps from the Aminess Lume Hotel**** in Brna, make use of the healing mud at Istruga beach near Brna, relax on the sandy beaches in Lumbarda or explore the pebbly and rocky options on Badija island. 

    An exciting way to truly appreciate the beautiful coast around Korčula is to hop in a kayak or rent a boat and look for secluded coves around the island and the archipelago. Snorkelling and diving also enable you to enter the stunning world below the surface.

    5. Gastronomic treats

    Discover the fabulous flavours of Korčula! Revel in fresh fish served with seasonal vegetables over a glass of locally grown pošip or grk wine. Pair your gastronomic adventure with a cycling tour, ride a bike past vineyards and choose to rest at one or more wine cellars on the island.

    5+ for Korčula

    Find your lovely piece of paradise on Korčula, an island that offers you tranquility, breathtaking landscape, numerous opportunities to be active and to discover the remarkable gems of culture, tradition, gastronomy and nature. It’s the place where your dream holiday becomes a reality!

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