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    Find Your Adventure While on Holiday in Istria

    Adrenaline in Istria


    Spice up your holiday with a rush of adrenaline! Experience Istria with an endless feeling of thrill in the air, on land and at sea. Take a pick among the following exciting activities:

    Istralandia water park

    Splash ‘n’ slide at Istralandia! Dare to go down the highest slide Free Fall in Croatia, to launch the Space Rocket, to feel the speed of the Black Kamikaze, to try all the fun attractions at the amazing water park near Novigrad.

    Pazin zip line

    Accept the ultimate challenge in Pazin! Whiz down the zip line and experience the free fall with a rope jump while enjoying the stunning views of the Pazin Pit and the medieval castle on top of the cliff.

    Paragliding and hang gliding

    Enjoy the spectacular views of Istria from above with a dash of adventure! Go (tandem) paragliding from Motovun or Učka, which is also one of the most excellent spots for hang gliding in addition to Ćićarija and Buzet.

    Cycling adventure

    Feel energized, feel inspired, feel adventurous on your two-wheeler! Ride your bike along the former railway route Parenzana, go on a tour of magical hilltop towns inland or down MTB routes on Učka mountain with stunning views, cycle on the night of the full moon in Cape Kamenjak or along the Lim Channel.

    Water sports fun

    Get the adrenaline flowing ...on water surface! Hop on a jet ski, try water skiing or have tremendous fun on a banana or tube ride at full speed. Why not not also give windsurfing a try or go parasailing for the excitement of it and phenomenal views from above?

    Kayaking or canoeing

    Be an explorer for a day! Get into a kayak or canoe and feel the enthusiasm of discovery along the  Istrian coast, the Mirna river mouth near Novigrad, Lim Channel or the caves in Cape Kamenjak.

    Diving into adventure

    Enter the remarkable underwater world on the Istrian coast! Let your heart beat faster with excitement as you approach the shipwrecks, reefs and fascinating marine life near Umag, Poreč, Rabac, Pula and Cape Kamenjak.

    Adrenaline parks

    Put your skills and courage to test for a thrilling experience! Have fun with the rope courses, zip lines, catapults, climbing rocks in adventure parks in Poreč, Umag, Glavani, Medulin, Pula.  

    Free climbing

    Rock it in Istria! Master the rock climbing routes in Vela draga canyon, Zarečki krov near Pazin, Zlatni rt (Forest Park Golden Cape) in Rovinj, Lim Channel, Dvigrad near Bale, Istarske toplice near Motovun, Raspadalica near Buzet, for the pure sensation and spectacular views.

    Caving adventure

    Be in awe before the sheer force of nature! Explore Baredine Cave near Novigrad or Pazin Cave like a true speleologist for a unique visiting experience and a dash of adventure.

    Adventurous Istria

    Discover Istria’s most exciting places and do thrilling activities for that special touch to your holiday! Get the adrenalin going for a different perspective on Istrian beauties and wonders, for that unique holiday feeling, simply for the fun of it!

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