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    Your Perfect Active Holiday at Aminess Maestral Hotel in June

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    Run, walk and cycle. Go swimming and kayaking. Play tennis, volleyball and football. Simply be active on your holiday, not only to keep fit and feel the positivity but also to experience Istria from a fresh perspective.

    The best place and time to be active

    Find the best arrangements for your active holiday with Aminess! Make use of excellent sports facilities within easy reach, available forms of relaxation after your workout and a choice of nutritious food at the breakfast and dinner buffet. All that and more awaits you at Aminess Maestral Hotel**** in Novigrad!

    So, why not start being active already in June? Take some time off work and do your favourite activities outdoors in the pleasant weather and beautiful surroundings.

    Embark on a cycling adventure

    Hop on a bike and ride along one of the many cycling trails nearby! There are as many as 500 routes that take you along the coast, inland, past magical hilltop towns and along former railway through stunning Istrian landscapes. Aminess Maestral Hotel**** is your perfect host, not only because of its convenient location, but also due to its cyclist-friendly services available on the spot.

    Have a ball with individual and team sports

    Sharpen your skills in your favourite sport at the right place in the right time! Refreshing sea air, pleasant weather and easy access to excellent facilities have turned Aminess Maestral Hotel**** into one of the most favourite destinations in Istria for professional athletes to prepare for their upcoming events, especially in tennis and football.

    Still, you don’t have to be a pro to be able to have a great time doing sports in Novigrad! Simply gather a group of friends or family members and use numerous sports fields and courts within a short walking distance from  the hotel. So, experience a whole new ball game on holiday by playing tennis, football or beach volleyball by the sea or work on your skills in handball, basketball, squash, table tennis at the nearby gym.

    Row your kayak in lovely scenery

    Explore the coast and the Mirna river in a kayak! Take an organized tour or find your own way through beautiful landscape. The Novigrad coast will take your breath away as will the river Mirna, an ornithological reserve offering you the possible sighting of round 200 types of birds.

    Other ways to be active

    Go for a morning run along the shore or an evening walk to the centre of Novigrad. Swim a few distances in the sea or in the pool. Do a workout in the fitness area of the hotel. Do preferred sports and activities on your holiday and consider giving new ones a try. At Aminess Maestral Hotel**** you are at the exactly right place to do so!

    Being active for all the right reasons

    Challenge yourself to a whole new level of excitement on holiday by being active in Istria! Experience the beautiful peninsula from a different perspective, get a boost of happy hormones and create lasting memories.

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