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    Welcome to Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights in 2019



    Experience the exquisite tastes of Istrian cuisine magnificently complemented by carefully selected wines and drinks in delightful ambience at Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights in 2019! As an experienced host, Aminess Hotels & Campsites invite you to save the date(s) and look forward to the exciting gastronomic journey ahead of you.

    A celebration of outstanding and unique Istrian flavours

    Indulge in the heavenly tastes of Istria, as interpreted by renowned chefs! Promoting the very best of Istrian land and seaside, the chefs pay tribute to local gastronomic tradition while adding the special creative flair and following the modern trends in cooking. In other words, delectable delicacies with locally sourced produce, meat products, seafood and a selection of fish await you at Aminess Gourmet Nights and promise you a one-of-a-kind meal, your palate will greatly appreciate and never forget.

    In order to achieve the perfectly rounded taste, the chefs also work with acclaimed Istrian and international winemakers and sommeliers. So, get ready for a rhapsody of authentic tastes in every single bite and sip you take, from starters to desserts.

    Prominent representatives of Croatian and international culinary scene

    Watch magic happen before your eyes with your host, chef David Skoko! The first in Croatia with his own show on the popular cooking channel 24Kitchen, the famous chef remains true to his roots when it comes to the choice of ingredients, but also gives the dishes a very personal touch.

    During Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights chef Skoko will be joined by eminent national and international chefs: Janez Bratovž, Deni Srdoč, Dragan Jovanović, Dino Galvagno, Jorg Zupan, Hrvoje Zirojević and esteemed sommeliers and winemakers from Istria and abroad. In addition to exceptional wines by Kabola, Degrassi, Tomaz, Kozlović, Coronica and Matošević, this year’s edition of Aminess Gourmet Nights also includes craft beer and welcomes Croatian mixologist Vjenceslav Madić Kishoni for a cocktail dinner.

    The perfect setting

    Delight in your extraordinary meal in relaxed ambiance! Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights take place at Oliveto Restaurant in Aminess Maestral Hotel**** or Half 8 restaurant in the historical core of Novigrad. Witness the amazing chefs prepare the food in front of you and simply let all your senses enjoy this remarkable culinary event.

    Mark the dates!

    Take out the calendar and be sure to note down Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights! Following the 2019 season opening with David Skoko featuring Janez Bratovž and Kabola winery on March 29, the culinary magic continues every last Friday of the month as follows:

    • David Skoko featuring Deni Srdoč and Degrassi wines - at Oliveto Restaurant, April 26 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Aspira and Tomaz wines - at Oliveto Restaurant, May 31 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Dragan Jovanović and Kozlović wines - at Oliveto Restaurant, June 28 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Janez Bratovž with cocktails by Vjenceslav Madić Kishoni - at Half 8, July 26 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Dino Galvagno with craft beer - at Half 8, August 30 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Jorg Zupan and Coronica wines - at Oliveto Restaurant, September 27 2019
    • David Skoko featuring Hrvoje Zirojević and Matošević wines - at Oliveto Restaurant, October 25 2019

    Reach for the culinary stars

    Have an unforgettable gastronomic experience and let the experts introduce their phenomenal interpretations of Istrian cuisine perfectly rounded off with Istrian wines and amazing drinks. Save the date for every last Friday from March to October, because in 2019 Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights are yet again the events to be in Istria!

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