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    Perfect Romantic Break in Southern Dalmatia in 2019


    Take your darling’s breath away with a romantic trip to Dalmatia! Leave all your worries and daily stress behind and spend quality moments with your partner in beautiful surroundings. Your ideal romantic heaven awaits you both on Pelješac peninsula and here’s what you can look forward to: 

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    A top spot to rest and recharge

    No heavy workload, no dull household chores, no traffic jams. Only peace and quiet for the two of you. Find your wonderful oasis of romance at Aminess Grand Azur Hotel**** in the quiet charming town of Orebić on Pelješac. 

    Take in the breathtaking view of the sea and the green island of Badija as well as the magnificent Korčula town just opposite the channel. Breathe in the refreshing air in the shade of pine trees. Enjoy your time together on the pebbly beach, sunbathing on a lounger, with the rhythm of the waves washing the shore and cricket’s chirp lulling you into a nap. Share and cherish these wonderful joint moments of relaxation. 

    Pure enjoyment for two

    Treat yourselves to life’s little pleasures together! Enjoy wonderful Mediterranean meals, show cooking delights and exquisite flavours of Mediterranean cuisine over a glass of local carob brandy or excellent Plavac wine from Pelješac at Aminess Grand Azur Hotel****. Indulge in a couple’s massage and body treatments or simply go for an evening walk hand in hand along the promenade under the starry sky. Make every moment special, make it count. 

    Share new experiences and happy memories

    Embark on a joint adventure, laugh together and experience moments to remember! Take up new activities such as surfing or scuba diving, hop in a kayak or rent a boat to explore the stunning coast, challenge and support each other to reach the peak of Pelješac peninsula St Elias on foot, and feel inspired, fulfilled and loved all the while. 

    Why not also surprise your darling with a trip of discovery? Hop on a ferry and cross the channel to learn more about the fascinating town of Korčula. Walk the historical walls and streets of Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Or simply stay on the peninsula exploring its wine roads, the maritime tradition of Orebić, delicacies and the walls of Ston. 

    Seal it with a … romantic package

    Make that grand gesture with a getaway at Aminess Grand Azur Hotel**** on Pelješac! Use the special offer that adds that romantic touch to your holiday.  The hotel awaits you with romantic welcome package, invites you to enjoy all-inclusive light option with drinks included as well as a Mediterranean touch massage for both of you. 

    Riding into the sunset… in Dalmatia

    Keep the magic in your relationship going by taking a few days off your daily routine, fully relaxed in breathtaking surroundings. Southern Dalmatia and just the two of you are a match made in heaven, so surprise your significant other with a trip to Pelješac peninsula and revel in all it has to offer.

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