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    10 Reasons Why it Pays to Book Early with Aminess in 2017

    The winter nights are drawing near, the blissful Croatian summer is but a distant memory, and there are SO many months to go before you will be enjoying the finest (and friendliest) Aminess hospitality in Novigrad, Orebic and Brna once more. Since you ’re already thinking about your wonderful 2017 Croatian summer holiday , why not consider booking early with Aminess? Here are ten great reasons why :

    • Perhaps the most important reason – early booking discounts! Savings of up to 20% for early booking with Aminess can really add up, leaving you more spending money to use on holiday . That means that you and your family can take advantage of even more of what our Aminess hotels and campsites have to offer . For more information about our Aminess Early Booking Offers, click here.

    Already booked? It’s time for the next 9 reasons why it will pay off many times over. You can spend the winter months wondering how to use the money you’ve saved by booking your 2017 Aminess holiday early...

    • On cocktails by the water perhaps? All Aminess facilities offer complimentary access to the Adriatic, and Aminess waiters are on hand to serve you the finest refreshments at whatever pace suits you.

    • On excursions, perhaps? With its own in-house travel agency, Aminess has all the best excursions on offer, and more! Simply ask at the reception desk or browse the Aminess website for more info. And if you are looking for that special excursion away from the crowds to celebrate your 20% savings, just let us know.

    • On pampering yourself after another hard year at the office, perhaps? Aminess prides itself on its wellness facilities – entrust your body to our hand-picked professionals, and relax and rejuvenate without a care in the world .

    • On activities, perhaps? At Aminess, we value the well-being of our guests over everything, which is why we place so much emphasis on providing the best selection possible for all our guests. We are proud of our sporting record in attracting international teams to our training facilities in Novigrad, and so we are confident we can accommodate your sporting needs, whatever they may be.

    • On legendary Istrian and Dalmatian cuisine, perhaps? Istria and Dalmatia are blessed with some true gastronomic treasures , from world-famous wines and olive oils to Istrian truffles. Our chefs are ready and waiting for your visit.

    • On the family, perhaps? When making your early booking, why not consider Aminess Miram í Village, the first edutainment centre in all of Croatia ? Miramí Family Village is a place where your children will be entertained and happily kept busy, which means a more relaxing holiday for you . Can you imagine a more idyllic family holiday location ?

    • On water delights in Novigrad, perhaps ? Of course, the Adriatic Sea is the main attraction at each of our locations, but they all feature excellent indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well . Aminess’ locations in Istria also boast a water attraction to rival the Adriatic – Istralandia water park near Novigrad, which was recently named one of the top 5 water parks in all of Europe.

    • On the fabulous Aminess nightlife, perhaps? Certainly far better than those long winter nights at home. Our dynamic team work hard to put on a varied and entertaining evening programme for our summer guests. Imagine the wind blowing gently in your hair as you dance the night away by the Adriatic – that thought alone should help you make it through the winter .

    • All of the last 8 reasons above add up to the main reason why you will benefit from early booking with Aminess  – with your booking taken care of and the thought of the world-class hospitality and the warmest welcome on the Adriatic coast waiting for you , the cold winter months will go by just a little bit quicker.

    The Aminess team looks forward to welcoming you in the 2017 season. For a full overview of what Aminess has to offer, click here.

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