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    Activities in Novigrad
    Get yourself moving

    Novigrad is only a 1-hour drive from even the farthest away parts of Istria, meaning that all of Istria is within your reach for an active, fulfilling holiday.

    Start with your bike, a super-healthy mode of transport, which will lead you along well-maintained bike paths along the coast of Novigrad to the charming hilltop towns of rural Istria. Then jump into a kayak and paddle to the fascinating river Mirna ornithological reserve. Or join a boat excursion to eternal Venice or Brijuni National Park. And to finish off, walk to the centre of Novigrad and treat yourself to a glass of local Muscat. You've earned it!

    Top 10 activities in Novigrad

    • cycling the Parenzana, a well-maintained bike trail that follows an old railway
    • walking or running along the coast
    • kayaking or canoeing
    • beach yoga (ideal at dawn or dusk)
    • tennis
    • beach volleyball
    • football
    • open-air fitness area by the coastal promenade
    • GoAdria boat excursions (Novigrad panorama, Venice, Brijuni Islands)
    • Istralandia waterpark – the most exciting waterpark in Istria

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