Aminess Cares – Charity Fundraiser
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    Aminess Cares – Charity Fundraiser

    Because Aminess cares about nature preservation and children’s education, it has started a charity fundraiser that will provide all of you with the opportunity to make a donation and help little forest explorers.

    All of the proceeds collected will be donated to the non-profit association Explora Explorers Club in order to build a forest educational trail in the Mirna River valley (Novigrad) as part of the Cuvete Forest Explorers’ project.

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    Learn more about the Explora Explorers Club and the Cuvete Forest Explorers’ project

    The Explora Explorers Club is an association operating in the area of Istria County with the aim of educating children by applying a scientific method through play in nature. The first significant step in the direction of active participation in change management occurred in 2001 with the launch of the Summer Nature Camp and the Summer School of Science. Explorers clubs were founded in primary schools in Novigrad and Marčana.

    The beginning of 2014 saw the start of an experimental project of ecological and scientific workshops, known as the Cuvete Forest Kindergarten, intended for children of pre-school age. This very ambitiously designed programme takes place partly by the seaside and partly in the forest.

    For quite some time now, the children of the Forest Explorers Club have been learning about the ornithological world in the mouth of the Mirna River. Watching great and small white herons and different species of cormorants, seagulls and ducks enables children to learn more about themselves and the world surrounding them and to become aware of the importance of nature preservation, which led to the idea of building a forest educational trail called Birds of Antenal, the magical doorway into the hidden world of flora and fauna.

    This nature exploration programme takes place in two groups, Cuvete, which includes children between the age of 5 and 9, and Rangers, for children between the age of 10 and 14. It should be noted that the Cuvete programme has around 30 regular participants, but each year more than 150 children on average take part in its various educational programmes and open days.

    Join this charity action and make a donation – any amount helps!

    Take part in the Aminess Cares charity action by placing a donation in a specially designated box available at hotel and campsite receptions, participating in sports activities and tournaments, entertainment activities, creative workshops and educational programmes, or trying special food and drink offers.

    Collection boxes are available as part of specific activities and at the lobby/reception of all Aminess hotels and campsites in Novigrad.

    Find more information about the forest explorers’ projects on their Facebook page: Šumski istraživači Cuvete - Nature pedagogy Croatia

    Duration of humanitarian action 10.07.-06.10.2019.

    Aminess Cares

    So far collected funds:

    10.000,00 HRK

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