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    Unsere Politik der Zusammenarbeit mit der lokalen Gemeinschaft

    Laguna Novigrad d.d. is obligated to implement a cooperation policy with the local community at its Aminess Maestral Hotel, Aminess Laguna Hotel, Aminess Lume Hotel, Aminess Grand Azur Hotel, Aminess Sirena Campsite and Aminess Maravea Camping Resort.


    • Employing the local population.
    • Continued communication with the local community in order to cooperate and find the best solution to any problem that will satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.
    • The purchasing of products and services from local suppliers in accordance with standard Purchasing Department operational procedures.
    • Encouraging employees to participate in social activities organised by the local community.
    • Investment in beaches and outdoor food and beverage facilities that are open to all visitors.
    • A wellness centre that includes wellness, spa and fitness services open to outside visitors, with the availability of less expensive monthly and annual memberships.
    • Participating in and financially supporting key projects in the town.
    • Donating to local cultural, arts and sports organisations and associations.
    • Educating our guests, especially children, about protecting the environment and cultural and historical heritage through workshops on the beaches.
    • Informing guests about the cultural, historical and natural resources in the areas surrounding our accommodation facilities.
    • Informing guests about modes of transportation.
    • Promoting the protection of sensitive natural areas and their biodiversity.

    Document last updated:
    Novigrad, November 2017

    for Laguna Novigrad d.d.
    Zrinka Bokulić
    Chairman of the Board

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