A holiday in all the colours of autumn

Looking for an ideal place for your autumn holiday? Book Aminess hotels (or Aminess hotels in Istria and Dalmatia) and save up to 20%.



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Whether you’re a recreational or a professional runner, you simply can't miss these 5km and 10km races along the promenade and through the centre of lively Novigrad! Sign up and run with us!


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Aminess hotels & campsites (ex Laguna Novigrad), the best of Istria and Dalmatia in a single place

Aminess hotels & campsites prides itself with decades of successful story telling about Istria as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Offering high quality services in the fields of wellness, sport recreation, and congress tourism, the hotels are open almost all year round, and thanks to the proximity of excellent traffic connections and diversity of offer, Novigrad offers the best of Istria to all its guests.
Guests used to come to Istria in search of clean sea mostly during the summer, but their habits are changing since numerous sports, gourmet, and cultural activities provide

reasons to visit Istria at any time of the year. Novigrad is indeed an ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday, since it provides a wide variety of activities in its hotels Aminess Maestral Hotel 4* and Aminess Laguna Hotel 3* and the camps Aminess Park Mareda 4* and Aminess Sirena 4*.

Since 2012 Aminess hotels & campsites has been spreading its successful story to Dalmatia (Aminess Lume Hotel 4* on the island of Korčula), and since 2014 to Aminess Grand Azur Hotel 4* in the town of Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula.